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The mission of HUCBMS is to represent the interests of its member institutions (universities and colleges) at a national and international level.

This includes inter alia: the promotion of quality and innovation in biomedical sciences teaching, research and knowledge transfer; helping to ensure that adequate funding is available to departments of biomedical sciences; and providing benchmarks for model curricula. It acts as an advocate for biomedical sciences and is an important source of advice to relevant external bodies. HUCBMS provides advice and promotes the exchange of views, dissemination of information, and collaboration between member institutions.


HUCBMS works closely with the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) and  supports the Institute in its accreditation of BSc and MSc degree courses in biomedical science. It maintains lists of suitable external examiners and nominates relevant individuals for national and international panels including those for Research Assessment Exercises and Quality Assurance of teaching and learning. HUCBMS represents members' views in dealings with relevant external bodies including the Health & Care Professions Council(HCPC), Higher Education Funding Councils, Research Councils etc.



The Executive Committee of HUCBMS meets regularly and organises, with the support of the host institution, the Annual General Meeting and HUCBMS conference.

HUCBMS is a member organisation of the Royal Society of Biology (SB).







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